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Welcome To NASCAR_Setups How To Setup Your Race
Car!This is a Great Page For You If You are New to NASCAR Games On The
Next Generation Consoles!I will inform you step by step and will tell
you specifically what every part does and how to use it.I Hope That you
will learn How To Setup your Race Car and Start Testing and Tuning to
give Us Information also!If you have Any Question anything you see here
on the page please Private Message Me!I hope This Helps You guys Know
What everything Does to Help you Run Faster!

Suspension Parts

Bump-This Feature/Part is a part you will use very
often!Bump is another way to get the tire you apply Bump to make the
car looser or make the Car Tighter coming into the corners~By this I
mean The Higher you go on the Bump The Looser The Car will be on that
side(LF,RF,LR,RR)The Lower you go on the Bump The Tighter that Side Of
the Car Will Be!~You usually want alot Of Bump on Flat Short Tracks to
help you turn better!

-This Feature/Part is also another part you will use very
often!Unlike Bump,Rebound will tighten/Loosen you up exiting the
Corners~By this I mean the  higher you go on the rebound the tighter
the Car will be exiting and the lower you go on the Rebound the looser
the car will be exiting.You usually need Rebound Around 2-4 on The Huge

-This is how the weight is distributed on the car!The Lower you
go on springs the looser that side will be!An the opposite for Higher
springs will make the car tighter~Ex.Default RF Spring 1100.(To loosen
the RF go down on the spring(1000))You want The Front Springs To be
Around 2000-2200 on The Superspeedways

Ride Height-
This will raise The Car up and down for you.Too low of a
ride height will create drag for that side and will bottom out in the
corners~This means the Front End Of the Car will hit the Track and will
send up the race track and you cant get to the throttle Fast Enough!

Track Bar
-This Feature can help you turn coming into the corners like
bump but for the rear of the Car Only!~This means if your Rear End is
to tight coming into the corner then you usually want to add trackbar
to the RR to loosen the car up and make it turn better

Tire Parts

This is how much air you have in your tires!~For more grip take out
some air~To loosen your Right side up and make it turn better then take
air out of the Right Front~You usually want your tire temps high at The
Super Speedways and Equal on the Road Courses(Around 21)

-This feature will turn your car to the left to help the car turn
better~Negative RF Camber will make the car Push to the Left.Positive
Camber In the LF will will push the car more to the Right.Usually the
LR should Be 1.8 and The RR should be -1.8

-This Will loosen you up through the entire corner.Too much caster will make spin out and loose precious speed/Time

Front Toe In
-This feature will loosen your Front End of the Car Up and
increase Cornering Speed if you put it more to the negative side~Put
near 1/8 and it will make your car tight coming in the corner and you
will loose some speed!

Rear Toe In
-The Lower you go the Rear Toe In the more grip you will have in the corners but will make you a tid bit loose

Gear Ratios

Gear ratios is an important feature for Maxiumum speed  or Great Accelearation!

The Lower the Gears the less RPM'S but more Top Speed
The Higher The Gears The More RPM'S but More Accelearation

You normally want a High Gear Ratio Diff for tracks 1 mile or smaller
On the 1.5 milers the Default Gear ratios are usually good
On Superspeedways you want a Lower Gear Ratio Diff

Aero Dynamics

This is another key for Maximum Speed.

-The Higher The Splitter the Looser the Front End but a Better
chance the Car wont Bottom out~The Lower The Splitter the tighter you
will be but a Great Chnace the Car will bottom out~On Superspeedways
you want the the Splitter in a range of 4.00-4.50

Grille Tape
-This gives your car the extra downforce you have been
looking for and will loosen the car up~When Qualifying you should have
Tape On 100%

Race Trim Grille Tape Percentages

Short Tracks



Road Courses
Rear Wing
-The Lower the Rear Wing The More Downforce But The Rear end will be much looser!

Steering Help/Bracking Help

Brakes-The Higher the first number the more the Front Brakes you will be using

Brake Pressure
-This will slow You down Faster

Steering Trim
-The Higher The Number The More it will steer the car to the Left

Steering Lock
is also like Steering Trim


-Increasing wedge tightens the chassis
-Decreasing wedge loosens the chassis

-Raising the bar loosens the car under acceleration and tightens under braking
- Lowering the bar tightens the car under acceleration and loosens under braking

Grill Tape:
-Higher % will increase speeds
-Higher % equals higher water and oil temperature
-Higher % will loosen the chassis
-Under 140 mph, tape % has little affect on speeds

Tire Pressures
-Higher psi in RF will loosen the car.
-Lower psi in the RF will tighten the car.
-Higher psi in RR will loosen the car.
-Lower psi in the RR will tighten the car.
-Higher psi in the LR will tighten the car from the middle out.
-Lower psi in the LR will loosen the car from the middle out.
-Higher psi in the LF will tighten the car.
-Lower psi in the LF will loosen the car.
-The lower the psi in a tire the hotter it will run.
-The higher the psi in a tire the colder it will run.
-Excessively low front tire psi will create a push.
-Excessively low rear tire psi will create a loose condition.
-Increasing the split (more RR psi than LR) increases stagger, helping the car to turn in the middle of a corner.
-Increasing the split of the left & right side psi (more psi on the right) increases the pull to the left.

Pit Road Speeds

Short Tracks-35 MPH
Intermediates-45 MPH
SuperSpeedways-55 MPH
Road Courses-35 MPH

I hoped I helped everyone that needed help!!!

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