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Weekly Race Result

Power Rankings as of Darlington, Lowes, and Dover:
1. Camaro98rs (#88)
Analysis: Cam has a very nice run going, he finished a solid 5th at darlington and a very nice 3rd place finish at Lowes. Camaro gained the points lead after Darlington but the 24 stole it back with his last 2 performances. Camaro had a great run at Dover last week and used his pit strategy to his advantage and was out front when the last 2 cautions flew and the 88 was able to cruise to his 3rd victory season. He is in second in the points standings by a slim margin.
2. Hotpocketsss7 (#24)
Analysis: Had a very tough week at Darlington, was running in 3rd while attempting a risky pass on the final lap spun himself out and wound up with an 11th place finish. At Lowes he had a solid car, probably not the fastest, but he found himself out front when the rain rolled in and picked himself up his 5th win of the season. Last week at Dover he finished a very solid second, but was hard charging to the front with about 3 laps to go and 2 consecutive cautions to end the race de-railed his effort to pick up his second win in as many weeks. He still maintains the points lead by a slim margin over his teammate in the 88.
3. BigWhite216 (#5)
Analysis: All we have to say about BigWhite….DO WORK SON. This guy has been on a very solid run the past few weeks. He won the race at Darlington and then followed that effort up with a 2nd place run at Lowes and a 3rd place finish at Dover. Big White and all of his Hendrick teammates have been doing great the past few weeks and they look to carry over their momentum to POCONO this weekend.
4. Stropdropkaboomk(#48)
Analysis: Trav has just been his normal self lately, turning in those solid top 10’s and 5’s that have him in a strong position in the point standings. He finished 7th, 5th, and 9th in the last 3 races. We look for him to find victory lane soon, he is getting hungry.
5. Awolfe (#16)
Analysis: A solid week at Darlington bringing home a quality 2nd place finish and then coming in 7th at Lowes. Awolfe suffered a suspension failure at Dover causing him to drop out of the race (we’ll just say that to make it sound more realistic rather than a connection problem lol). Awolfe and all of his Gibbs teammates are looking awfully strong at POCONO, expect them to make some noise this weekend.
6. Sgt Beaver(#19):
Analysis: 3rd, 4th, and 8th in his last 3 races, not bad at all for the #19 of GEM. He has been running very solid lately despite his problems at Dover. Had to make a pass through penalty at Dover but still wound up earning himself a pretty decent finish.
7. Sword(#99)
Analysis: he has finished 10th, 6th, and 5th in his last races. He has just been consistently doing work and earning solid finishes. We hear that he formed a technical alliance with HMS so maybe their help can put him over the top, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
8. Darth(#18)
Analysis: One of the 2 Gibbs cars that actually survived the Dover race with a 10th place finish. He also finished 4th at Darlington and 8th at Lowes. We know for a fact that the 18 is not be messed with this weekend at POCONO however, this track is one of his favorites and he intends to get to victory lane.
9. Candyman100 (#20):
Analysis: Another suspension failure for Gibbs forced the 20 car off the track and a 12th place finish at Dover. Hopefully they have their problems figured out for POCONO as they all figure to be strong there. Candy Earned a solid 6th at Darlington and wound up with more bad luck at Lowes which only resulted in a 10th place finish. The worst part of the deal for Candyman was that he was very fast at both Dover and Lowes where he suffered his problems.
10. Byson3(#11)
Analysis: Byson has been struggling as of late 9th and 11th at Darlington and Lowes, but had a very nice run that he needed at Dover netting himself a very solid 6th place finish. The 11 car is always pretty good at POCONO so lookout for him to make some noise this weekend.
11. GotBApes (#9)
Analysis: After finally getting into the action he suffered a blown engine at Darlington (disconnect) and didn’t have to opportunity to run at Lowes. He also finished last at Dover to an impending suspension due to his grades. Look for Bapes and his crew to get things going once they get everything straightened out and everyone showing up every week.
12. Ban447(#6)
Analysis: He has been struggling but we look for him to pick up the pace with technical help from HMS.
13. Beavslice(#10):
Analysis: newest edition to the league, made his first start at Dover and came away with a very solid 4th place finish.
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